live (/liv/) (verb) | dreamerly (/ˈdrēmərlē/) (adverb):  to treat every moment of every day with a positive outlook and remain happy even when times are hard, clothes are out of your budget, the cookies come out burned, and your hair just won't hold a curl. 

Hi they hey there ho there!

My name is Victoria and I am a professional woman who still loves everything fashion, food, design, and friends.

I grew up as a regular kid in North County, San Diego and couldn't be happier for it. If you don't' know, North County has some pretty rural towns, one of which is my home town. Rival high schools actually asked me if we rode horses to school. Yippee ki-yay. 

Flash forward a few years later and all of the sudden (not really, more like after what seems like eons of school and exams) - I'm a full fledged attorney.  Not willing to let my love for fashion, design, food, and SALES fall victim to an overwhelming schedule, I created livedreamerly. as a way to get all my passions out and share them with other fff's (fashion and food fiends).  That's you! 

I look forward to reading all of your comments and hope that you enjoy my musings, adventures, and fashions! And always remember to livedreamerly. (see definition above)!


All fashion photos are taken on a Canon 5D by my best friend and love, Jay Sharron (www.jaysharron.com).

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  1. I thought I was your best friend and love... There must be some sort of typo. I forgive ;)