May 7, 2013

Yo Mama (may want some of this)

I love my mama more than anything, but shopping for her?... miserable.  She never buys anything for herself and always insists on no gifts.  I refuse to accept that!  I have to get her gifts for Mother's Day that she secretly wants but won't buy for herself.  So if you hit a wall when trying to figure out what to get that wonderful lady you call "Mom," here are my ideas for this year -- all without breaking the bank, mind you. 

1) Thyme and olive leaf candle - candle lit bubble baths are a weekly tradition for my mom, so a unique smelling candle would definitely make her smile. 

2) Scarf sweater - something so basic and necessary is one of those must-have items that my mom wouldn't buy for herself.  I have a few of them in different lengths and wear them all. the. time. 

3) Iron cast garlic roaster - garlic? yum.  roasted? yum.  super cutely shaped pan specifically designed for the ONE purpose of roasting garlic?  AWESOME.  Very superfluous but oh so fun. 

4) Sodastream soda maker - my grandmother is from Europe so seltzer water has been my mom's preference to still water since she was a little girl.  She goes through club soda like crazy.  I purchased a Sodastream for my boyfriend 2 years ago and it is amazing! 

5) Les Miserables - this is my favorite musical and my love for it started from my mom listening to the Broadway soundtrack while cleaning the house when I was a little girl.  She hasn't seen the new movie yet (which is amazing by the by) and I know she would love this!  

What are your Mother's Day gift ideas?  I'd love to hear! 

xo Happy Tuesday! xo

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