May 9, 2013

Summer is coming...

{Julianne Hough | Kate Middleton | Stacy Keibler | Eliza Dushku | Jessica Biel}

Sorry Starks of Winterfell- it's Summer that is coming! With bikini and mini skirt season well on its way, it's time to sweat and get into shape!  I tried a new work out class with my bestie today and holy kowabunga! I believe the words she used were "you looked like human jello" because my legs were shaking so uncontrollably from the stress of exertion.  I bet Mrs. Timberlake doesn't have that problem. 

These lovely ladies work their booties off to get their movie star looks, and these bodies are definitely my body inspiration.  Julianne Hough has a wonderfully toned and proportionate dancer's body, Stacy Keibler has legs and abs to die for, Eliza Dushku is all tough girl sexy, Jessica Biel's got that booty that won't quit, and Kate Middleton is pretty much perfect in every way.  

Ok, time to think fit! Happy Thursday, dreamers!  xo

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