May 22, 2013

black + white

 {Dress: Target (on sale a few weeks ago, but no longer online) | Jacket: Willow + Clay via Marshalls (also seen here) | Shoes: Nine West | Purse: Vintage (also seen here)

Holy smokes.  Over a week since my last post!  My apologies, dreamers, I can't believe time slipped away like that!  No excuses...

ANYWHO - I opted to make life a little fun with this polka dot dress and my new booties (currently ON SALE by the way, always a good thing).  I've been looking for nicely priced black ankle boots for a while and was instantly drawn to the shape of these Nine West boots.  I'm usually not a huge fan of open toe booties ( I mean, if you are wearing boots, why have your toes exposed?? Kind of the same theory behind Ugg boots and jean skirts), but these peep toes are totes adorbs.  Totes.  

Polka Dot Trivia:  Polka Dots are SO popular that DC Comics created a "Mr. Polka-Dot" villain for Batman.  The polka dots on his villain costume could each be used as different weapons.  How... intimidating? 

Happy Wednesday! xo 

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  1. Loving how you popped the blue clutch with the black and white!!