April 2, 2013

Hair I love, but am too scared to try!

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I know I pride myself on my willingness to step out of the box, but my looks still need to be professional in an office environment.  While I love my long blonde hair (I had a stint at the end of high school and beginning of college of having VERY short flipped out hair), I sometimes wish I could just go a little crazy.  I have died my hair red, but unfortunately my roots didn't hold the color well and it was time to go back to what I was born with.  And yes, I know vintage waves aren't anything too obnoxious, but it would take me wayyyy too long to do that in the morning and I'd end up being late to work with my hair in a simple pony tail from hair frustrations!   So hence my inclusion of that on my list.  Oh well, I'll admire from a distance.  I'd love to hear your hair dreams!

Happy Tuesday, dreamers! xo


  1. oh come on now...you can totally do the colored tips! just do it when you know you're going to trim it/cut your hair anyhow. then you won't feel so bad about bleaching the ends.

    or you could always do what I did (ie- the ghetto way), and get yourself a colored weave under your natural hair! hahahah!

    1. Haha - yes I'm sure I can be adventurous for a weekend with the tips. Maybe just use the chalk method ;)