April 18, 2013



Northern Lights.  I have been obsessed with the aurora borealis the past few months.  Any time work gets a little too intense or life gets just a little too real... try picturing yourself in a perfectly hot jacuzzi behind a subtly lit cabin looking up at the beautiful, mysterious northern lights.  Yeah... that hit the spot.    


Barbie's Wedding Album.  It exists!  I'm actually fairly upset for not coming up with this myself (I had my fair share of barbie weddings when I was a little girl, but gosh darn it if I didn't think to make an artsy wedding album!).  Please take a gander through this Barbie photo album, it is truly amazeballs. 

Alpacas.  ALPACAS!  If you know how much Kristen Bell loves sloths, then you might know my vast love for alpacas.  They are ridiculously cute in any form and style.  Is it just me or does the baby alpaca look like a character from one of those childhood Christmas movies like "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer"??  Ahhhh- I want to dance with one.  

Coachella.  Didn't get to go this year... and I would prefer not to talk about it.  Instead I will live vicariously through Alessandra Ambrosio and her gloriously glamorous Coachella style.  She was able to perfectly balance chic, hipster, desert, boho, and hippie all in one. 

This guy. ... had fun at Coachella.

Outdoor Twinkles.   Summer is coming around the bend and that means outdoor gatherings, bbqs, picnics, late nights in the warm weather, and just plan good times.  Little flickers of light around a patio or balcony always set the tone for me.  I will continue to get inspired by little lights like these on Etsy until it's time to put them up!  

Happy Thursday, dreamers, and I hope you enjoyed todays episode of daydreamerlies.!

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