March 7, 2013

Getting dressed in the dark.

{Jacket: F21 (also seen here) | Top: F21 (also seen here) | Shoes: BCBG (inspired by these) | Pants: F21 (inspired by these) | Purse: Whiting and Davis (also seen here) | Necklaces: F21 (also seen here)}

I have been wanting to show you these pants for a while now.  Such a great find at Forever 21.  They are unique and loud, they deserved to be worn in an equally obnoxious way.  In fact, my boyfriend thought that I made a mistake getting dressed when he saw me.  Actually kind of fun to get a reaction like that - does it work? does it not work?  I think it works (obviously) so I thought I'd share!

Now go out and be fashionably courageous this weekend!  You never know how far you can go until you try.  xoxo happy Thursday!

ps- I have had these shoes forever (thanks Marshalls!) and wear them often.  They are my staple black pumps that offer a bit more charm with their high backs. 

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