February 5, 2013

5 Tips to Painless Beauty: Hair

 {Rub your eyebrows before tweezing for a less painful pluck}

 {Use baby oil instead of shaving cream, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, guarantees a close shave and is much cheaper!}

 {Apply pressure to your skin immediately after waxing, I don't know why- but it works!}

 {Take ibuprofen or something similar 30 minutes before a waxing or laser appointment}
{For tangle free locks after washing your hair - comb your dry hair before you shower, after you condition while in the shower, and just after you towel dry}

We all have our own little beauty know-hows and routines, so I thought I'd share some tricks I use to throw a kink in the old "pain is beauty" saying.  Some of these tips were passed down by my mama, and others are just from experience.   I'd love to hear some of your beauty tricks! 

Cheers and happy Tuesday! xo

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