February 26, 2013

Leather Kitty

 {T-Shirt: Target Men's Graphic Tee | Jacket: Collection B, Nordstroms (similar here) | Pants: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Converse One- Star, Target

I'm already missing the weekend and lounging around... and it's only Monday!  Enter- "Check Meowt."  Yep- just giggled!  Every time I take a trip to Target, I have to take a look at the men's t-shirt section.  They always make me laugh with quirky sayings or make me reminisce about my childhood with vintage cartoons.  That's why I couldn't pass up this tee- it's just too freakin' funny and perfect for a comfortable day out.  So go ahead.... check meeeowwttt. 

February 14, 2013

Saint Valentine has good taste in nail designs

 {Essie nail color 'Forget me nots' and 'pink diamond'}

 I love holiday inspired nails and outfits, but unlike clothing, getting a manicure is expensive and time consuming.  When I can only wear a manicure for a few days (i.e. for Valentine's Day or Fourth of July), getting a professional manicure seems a little much.  So I opted for my childhood desire of trying those "peel and stick" nail decals... and wowza... it worked wonderfully!  It was super fun to create my own design and if I messed up, I had extra decals to work with.  This at home mani is great for an impromtu night in. 

Happy Valentine's Day! xo


February 7, 2013

I want to tote it, tote it

Ok- I have some how tripled the amount of stuff I take to and from work everyday and have had to graduate to my "lawyer bag."  It even sounds scary, right?  So, I got the itch to find some cute and functional work satchels and realized that a durable, chic, comfortable large bag is pretty hard to come by at a reasonable price.  Here is a list of bags that I came across and really liked (oddly enough, the American Apparel bag is my fav! Who knew they sold such cute bags?).  Online shopping will be commencing shortly, uh oh....

1. Rubina Snakeskin Tote | Sorial | $198.00
2. Pretty Nylon Medium Tate Tote | MARC by Marc Jacobs | $188.00
3. Tasseled Peppled Tote | Tommy Hilfiger | $168.00
4. L'Epicier Leather Bag | American Apparel | $95.00
5. Victoria Bag | Dooney & Bourke | $148.00

February 5, 2013

5 Tips to Painless Beauty: Hair

 {Rub your eyebrows before tweezing for a less painful pluck}

 {Use baby oil instead of shaving cream, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, guarantees a close shave and is much cheaper!}

 {Apply pressure to your skin immediately after waxing, I don't know why- but it works!}

 {Take ibuprofen or something similar 30 minutes before a waxing or laser appointment}
{For tangle free locks after washing your hair - comb your dry hair before you shower, after you condition while in the shower, and just after you towel dry}

We all have our own little beauty know-hows and routines, so I thought I'd share some tricks I use to throw a kink in the old "pain is beauty" saying.  Some of these tips were passed down by my mama, and others are just from experience.   I'd love to hear some of your beauty tricks! 

Cheers and happy Tuesday! xo

February 1, 2013

DA da DA da DA da... Danger Dogs!

Superbowl is almost upon us, and if you are a girl like me then you are SUPER excited.... for the food!  I know I have probably mentioned this before, but appetizers are my favorite form of food.  Appies are always super small, unhealthy but delicious bites.  They are delicious because they can be unhealthy because they are small, got it?  Too bad it's hard for me not to eat about two main course servings of those little pockets of goodness.

Here in Los Angeles we have street vendors that come out after bars close or after football games that sell the most amazing things on earth.  Hot dogs wrapped in BACON with grilled onions and bell peppers.  They go by many names, ranging from "Danger Dogs" to "Street Meat"....

So introducing this year's Superbowl appetizer - Mini Danger Dogs!  "Read More" below to see my recipe.  Enjoy!