January 22, 2013

Red light, green light (blue light)

{Dress: Joes Jeans | Shoes: Report via Marshalls | Purse: Vintage}

Ah, back to work after a three day weekend.  This weekend was filled with cleaning, productivity (finally!), and summertime weather.  So I had to awaken my warm weather wardrobe and was actually pretty excited to wear this plaid shirt dress.  It needed some sort of waistline so I grabbed one off of a coat of mine and cinched it up.   Since it was a "cleaning" weekend, I didn't want to waste time on any makeup so bright lipstick it was!  Sometimes throwing dirty hair up in a high pony and some bright lipstick are all that's needed to make a girl feel ready for a day of errands! 

Happy Tuesday! xo

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