January 30, 2013

Gray skies don't bother me

 {Blazer: Rugby, similar here | Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters - on sale now! | Shoes: Sam Edelman, via Marshalls}

I had some friends from Chile (shout out to Pato and Pancho! xo) visit me last week so now it is finally back to the regular schedule and reality.  But that's ok- I really don't mind when I can wear my new Rugby wool blazer awesomeness I got on sale back in Boston in December.  If you like Rugby by Ralph Lauren, hurry up and order online because the line is ending soon and all of the stores are closing.  Sadface.  These tie-dye skinny jeans were on sale over the holidays as well, but they are still available online! 

I don't know about you, but I have been brainstorming all week for some fun super bowl appetizers to make for this weekend.  I think I have officially settled on my final choice and will post details later this week- so check back.  

Happy Wednesday! xo

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