January 18, 2013

Ack! My gels are peeling!

While I do love getting gel manicures, they can be miserable when they start to chip and peel!  Showing up for work with less than perfect nails before making it to the salon is definitely irritating... there are only so many creative ways that I can hide my hands!  So, I bit the bullet and started taking off my gels at home (while saving moolah by not having to go to a salon to remove them) and it is actually pretty easy.  I hope my step by step guide is helpful!

What you need:
  • maximum strength acetone, available at most drugstores
  • coarse emery board
  • cotton balls
  • 10 squares of aluminum foil
  • birchwood sticks (or something comparable)
  • a towel (it's a little messy!)
  • a celebratory drink (always a good idea)

Some tips:
  • make sure you file down the gel until it is fairly thin
  • keep your digits wrapped in the foil for at least 10 minutes for the acetone to work
  • you may have to get tough with the peeling process, but it will come off, I promise!
  • put a strengthening clear coat on your nails when you are finished for protection and to keep those nails healthy

 Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your 3 day MLK weekend! xo

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