January 30, 2013

Gray skies don't bother me

 {Blazer: Rugby, similar here | Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters - on sale now! | Shoes: Sam Edelman, via Marshalls}

I had some friends from Chile (shout out to Pato and Pancho! xo) visit me last week so now it is finally back to the regular schedule and reality.  But that's ok- I really don't mind when I can wear my new Rugby wool blazer awesomeness I got on sale back in Boston in December.  If you like Rugby by Ralph Lauren, hurry up and order online because the line is ending soon and all of the stores are closing.  Sadface.  These tie-dye skinny jeans were on sale over the holidays as well, but they are still available online! 

I don't know about you, but I have been brainstorming all week for some fun super bowl appetizers to make for this weekend.  I think I have officially settled on my final choice and will post details later this week- so check back.  

Happy Wednesday! xo

January 22, 2013

Red light, green light (blue light)

{Dress: Joes Jeans | Shoes: Report via Marshalls | Purse: Vintage}

Ah, back to work after a three day weekend.  This weekend was filled with cleaning, productivity (finally!), and summertime weather.  So I had to awaken my warm weather wardrobe and was actually pretty excited to wear this plaid shirt dress.  It needed some sort of waistline so I grabbed one off of a coat of mine and cinched it up.   Since it was a "cleaning" weekend, I didn't want to waste time on any makeup so bright lipstick it was!  Sometimes throwing dirty hair up in a high pony and some bright lipstick are all that's needed to make a girl feel ready for a day of errands! 

Happy Tuesday! xo

January 18, 2013

Ack! My gels are peeling!

While I do love getting gel manicures, they can be miserable when they start to chip and peel!  Showing up for work with less than perfect nails before making it to the salon is definitely irritating... there are only so many creative ways that I can hide my hands!  So, I bit the bullet and started taking off my gels at home (while saving moolah by not having to go to a salon to remove them) and it is actually pretty easy.  I hope my step by step guide is helpful!

What you need:
  • maximum strength acetone, available at most drugstores
  • coarse emery board
  • cotton balls
  • 10 squares of aluminum foil
  • birchwood sticks (or something comparable)
  • a towel (it's a little messy!)
  • a celebratory drink (always a good idea)

Some tips:
  • make sure you file down the gel until it is fairly thin
  • keep your digits wrapped in the foil for at least 10 minutes for the acetone to work
  • you may have to get tough with the peeling process, but it will come off, I promise!
  • put a strengthening clear coat on your nails when you are finished for protection and to keep those nails healthy

 Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your 3 day MLK weekend! xo

January 15, 2013

Pucker up

 {Jessica Alba | Clarins Rouge Eclate Lipstick}

 {Jessica Chastain | Earin Beauty Lolabird Lipstick}

{Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | LancĂ´me Rouge in Love Jolis Matins Lipstick}

A little behind the bandwagon, but this year's Golden Globes were great.  I went to a girls' only pajama watch party with sangria, champagne, brie, and puppies.  It definitely made the award show more enjoyable!  I was really taken by a lot of the styles this year.  There were so many retro inspired gowns and laid back hairstyles... but what really got my attention was Jessica Alba's lipstick!  After perusing some more of the red carpet photos, I picked out the above three as my favorite lipstick colors of the night.  These ladies really stood out with their eye catching colors that added a little flavor to otherwise rather neutral make up.  

I don't think I could pull of Jessica Chastain's color, but I already love orange shades and will now be picking up a shade similar to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's!  

Happy Tuesday! xo

January 8, 2013


{Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 (old) similar here | Undershirt: Banana Republic, similar here | Boots: Via Spiga (also seen here) | Coat: Calvin Klein (via Marshalls) similar here | Scarf: homemade | Jeans: Sanctuary, similar here}

Well it's back to reality!  I'm sorry I have been a little lagging between posts the past two weeks,  I was in Massachusetts visiting family.  It was snow-rific.  We went bowling, golfing, shooting, skiing, to the Aquarium, Science Center, and spent a lot of time with old friends.  I'm one of those weird people who actually loves cold weather.  I feel like such a bratty little SoCal girl when I say... "but I want seasons!" And I adore winter clothes - who doesn't enjoy looking like a bundled up lumber jack? 

Side note- all of these wonderful photos were taken by the one and only Jay Sharron.  He was the official photog of our holiday (and this here blog). 

Happy Tuesday! xo
 {Bowling - look at that form!}
 {Jellyfish at the Aquarium}
 {Petting the sharks and sting rays at the Aquarium}
{A Mudskipper in the Aquarium - I love the googly eyes}
{View of Boston and the Charles River from the Science Center)

January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year my dear readers!  I can't believe the year 2013 has arrived, it just sounds so weird!  2012 brought some wonderful memories, both personally and to the world.  I started this here little bloggy blog in 2012, and have come so far from my first post.  Thank you for all of your support and I hope that the future will only bring more comments and insight from my dreamers! xo

Good luck on those resolutions!  We actually have to try and live up to them since the Mayans got it wrong.  xo