December 19, 2012

7 ways to wrap it up

My mom and aunt are the gift wrap goddesses.  Seriously, they can make a regular package shine like a powder keg of glory while the rest of the gifts under the tree look... well... droopy/sad/lonely/deflated.  As I've gotten older, they have started to teach me the tricks of the trade (double-stick tape, a sturdy surface, good quality wrapping paper, and drawers of unique and eye-catching toppers- just to name a few).  Now I can actually get inspired by other great package wrappers and their gorgeous ideas and execute them!  I already bought my wrapping supplies for the year and am having a wrapping party all by my lonesome tomorrow night, but I thought these lovely gifts could inspire some of you!

My favorite is definitely the duct tape bow... no wait, the paint samples... its the maps and comic pages - gah, I can't decide!  I love them all! 

Happy Thursday and get inspired! xo

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