December 28, 2012

Cheers to New Years

 {Jumpsuit: Juicy Couture | Shoes: Rock&Republic via Kohl's | Jacket: Kardashian Kollection| Bracelet: Marrin Costello Designs}

{Dress: ASOS | Jacket: Target | Shoes: Free People | Necklace: Anthtopologie }

With New Year's Eve around the corner we have another excuse to go shopping! :) That is always a good (yet oh so bad) thing.  I absolutely love this jumpsuit from Juicy Couture, so awesomely awesome and chic, I had to include it in today's post.  The "casual" ensemb could easily work for a dressy party, but since it's pants it can also work well for a dressed down event.  And who doesn't love some sequins and fur?  Ok, maybe some people don't, but they can't rain on my NYE parade... so there.

Happy Friday!! xo

December 25, 2012

Reindeer Games!

Happy December 25th!  No matter what your traditions or plans are today, I hope that you take a minute to appreciate all of the wonderful things in this world - family, friends, (food), and anything else that makes you giddy!  I just arrived in Boston, and was so excited to see snow that I actually volunteered to shovel it.  Yes- volunteered.  Tired and makeup-less from the red-eye flight, everything was worth it to escape to this winter wonderland.


December 19, 2012

7 ways to wrap it up

My mom and aunt are the gift wrap goddesses.  Seriously, they can make a regular package shine like a powder keg of glory while the rest of the gifts under the tree look... well... droopy/sad/lonely/deflated.  As I've gotten older, they have started to teach me the tricks of the trade (double-stick tape, a sturdy surface, good quality wrapping paper, and drawers of unique and eye-catching toppers- just to name a few).  Now I can actually get inspired by other great package wrappers and their gorgeous ideas and execute them!  I already bought my wrapping supplies for the year and am having a wrapping party all by my lonesome tomorrow night, but I thought these lovely gifts could inspire some of you!

My favorite is definitely the duct tape bow... no wait, the paint samples... its the maps and comic pages - gah, I can't decide!  I love them all! 

Happy Thursday and get inspired! xo

December 18, 2012


 {Hat: Cooperative | Shorts:  Kimchi Blue | Tee: Junk Food | Shoes: Converse One Star via Target | Belt: Vintage | Bracelet: Vintage}

When I saw this beanie - I absolutely had to have it.  How often do you get to wear a panda on your head?  Yeah, not that often.  You have to take advantage when you can.  So there is the explanation of the critter on my noggin.  This entire outfit is pretty much entirely from Urban Outfitters.  As I mentioned here - I went a little crazy there recently.  Oopsies! I am also joined by my little buddy in crime, Mozart, a bichon-poo rescue.  He is my parents' pup and has become my favorite accessory.  He is such a little hamdog!

I hope everyone is on track with their holiday shopping and preparations!  Heavens knows I am definitely a smidgen behind schedule.  (If a smidgen was the size of a football field).

Happy Tuesday, dreamers! xo

December 13, 2012

Shiny Shiny

 {Dress: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters | Boots: Report (similar here) | Shirt: BDG via Urban Outfitters - on sale now! | Flower pin: Forever21 | Bracelet: Vintage}

 I fell in love with this dress and wanted to wear it right away, but didn't have anywhere to wear it in all of its shiny glory.  Soooo I dressed it down with a denim button down and - voilĂ  - casual awesomeness.  Although, I still can't wait to wear this dress in its natural state! 

Happy Thursday! xo

December 11, 2012


 {Jacket: Forever21 (similar here) | Shirt: Vintage | Shorts: Hybrid and Company (similar here) | Socks: KBell | Purse: Calvin Klein (old) | Shoes: DV Dolce Vita (also seen here)}

Yep- I'm wearing shorts in December.  That's winter in Los Angeles for you!  I've officially given up getting excited any time a cold front sweeps in because they never last long.  With doomsday (December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar) approaching, I had to get this Dr. Doom t-shirt I found while hunting through the racks of a vintage store.   No better way to take on the end of the world than with Dr. Doom! Ok, there may be better ways, but this is what I'm going with for now.  

Happy Tuesday, everyone! xo

December 6, 2012

Holiday cookies gone puffy...

The holidays always bring about bouts of baking, decorating, and experimenting with festive drinks.  So this year, in lieu of the traditional sugar or gingerbread cookies, I opted for something totally different.  I was craving something nutty and not super "cakey" and was really excited when I found this recipe from Food Network. Honey, chocolate, and almond butter?... yes please!  They were so easy to make and delicious to boot!  The next time I will likely only use 2.5 to 3 cups of puffed cereal rather than 4 cups, the cookies will hold together better that way.

Either way- I think Santa wouldn't mind having these waiting for him when he comes around this year!

Happy Thursday! xo

December 4, 2012


 {Sweater: Pins and Needles | Jeans: BDG | Boots: Via Spiga, similar here

Winter has finally come (for more than a day I hope)!  I went a little crazy at Urban Outfitters the other day and couldn't resist getting this polar bear sweater.  Paired with my favorite riding boots.  Seriously, I have worn them so much they feel like slippers now.  They were a Christmas splurge two years ago, but so worth it.  Boots (like jeans and a suit) are a classic item that you can afford to dip a little deeper into your wallet for because if they are good quality, you will wear them more and they will last forever.  Oh- and if you buy the right ones- they will never go out of style!