November 29, 2012

Unique gifts for that man in your life (or brother... or dad... or...)

Every year I wrack my brain for creative gifts for my significant other without repeating my "themes" and "gift inspirations" too much.  I usually go for some kind of clothing and something that is super geeky (enter ebay auctions on vintage movie posters, comic books, comic artist drawing, swatch watches), but that can get a little predictable.  My mantra for gift giving is to give them something they need first ... then finish with something they want! Here are a few gifts that I think any guy would love to get and would never expect! (ps- this list is boyfriend approved!!)

 I'd love to hear about your go-to gift ideas and your unusual gifts as well!  I'm sure we all need some help and inspiration in this department.  Check back later this month for tips on gifts for your parents (another toughy for me!)

Happy Thursday dreamers! 

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  1. I'm always tempted to buy one of those beer making kits...I've just never heard how the end results it for most folks. I totally bought those whiskey rocks last year for my brother in law!!