November 9, 2012


 {Eyeshadow Palette for Green Eyes: NARS Trio in High Society}

{Eyeshadow Palette for Blue Eyes: Smashbox in Softbox II}

{Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes: NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait}

DISCLAIMER: I drew these eyes myself and all of the color was done using my own makeup, which for future reference, is not conducive to turning yourself into the next Monet. It is also very difficult, as I learned in extreme frustration and multi-colored hands, to create eye makeup on a flat surface. So please take that into consideration. Also, the palette selections below each drawing is just a suggestion of a good product, I did not actually use those products on the eye. Thank ewe.

A lot of beauty brands have been putting out eyeshadow palettes based on eye color, which is amazing because putting the right color on your eyes will make them *pop*. My mom has taught me a lot in my short life, but one of the most useful tips has been learning what colors work for my skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Here is the break down:

The Key: Opposites attract. If you look at a color wheel that is detailed enough to include some sort of brownish color, you will find that the colors directly across (or opposite) from green are red and purple, the opposite of brown are blue hues and vice-versa. This are how to decipher what eyeshadow color will truly rock your eye. 

Green Eyes: Purples look great on girlies with green eyes. Depending on your skin tone and the intensity of the green in your eyes, you can wear anything from violet to plum to grape.

Hazel Eyes: Depending on whether your eye leans more towards brown or green, play up those key colors. With this super color flexibility, you can be more adventurous!

Blue Eyes: Browns, pinks, and oranges look spectacular with blue eyes. Although, I've always been so jealous of girls with blue eyes because almost all eyeshadow colors make them look like superstars. Lucky ladies!

Brown Eyes: Whether you have almond eyes or almost black eyes, blues and greens are generally da (yes, I said it). I absolutely love this NARS Andy Warhol palatte, it would make me feel like an artist doing my makeup every day!

Happy Friday everyone! xo


  1. Love Nars
    Their lip pencils are great

  2. Great post, i like the way you are showing the steps!
    Love, Melly

  3. Great post, great blog (: My eyes are brown.