November 29, 2012

Unique gifts for that man in your life (or brother... or dad... or...)

Every year I wrack my brain for creative gifts for my significant other without repeating my "themes" and "gift inspirations" too much.  I usually go for some kind of clothing and something that is super geeky (enter ebay auctions on vintage movie posters, comic books, comic artist drawing, swatch watches), but that can get a little predictable.  My mantra for gift giving is to give them something they need first ... then finish with something they want! Here are a few gifts that I think any guy would love to get and would never expect! (ps- this list is boyfriend approved!!)

 I'd love to hear about your go-to gift ideas and your unusual gifts as well!  I'm sure we all need some help and inspiration in this department.  Check back later this month for tips on gifts for your parents (another toughy for me!)

Happy Thursday dreamers! 

November 27, 2012

Comically inspired

 {Dress: Green Envelope Los Angeles via Marshalls | Necklace: F21 (old) similar here | Clutch: Hobo International (old) similar here | Ring: Flea Market, similar here | Shoes: Ohh Deer!, similar here}

Peplum has made a big entrance this year -- and thank goodness!  A dress like this is great for a night out because it provides a little extra coverage if you accidentally gorge on dinner or feel a tad bloated from drinks with the girls.  This style, with the peplum on the hips, is also great for girls with a "ruler" or athletic figure because it adds the illusion of hips.  If done right, there actually is such a thing as a sexy and comfortable dress.  I wore this on a sushi date (as I do usually eat enough sushi to be rolled to the car) and was psyched that I didn't feel miserably constricted after having that last bite of sashimi. 

Comic-inspired fashion has also been peeking through recently, like this Phillip Lim sweater.  If being covered head to toe in action-bubbles and men in tights is too much, a simple quirky accessory showcasing the trend can be just enough to keep your style current and simple.

Now go save the world in stylish comfort, superhero(ines)! xo

November 21, 2012

Long-legged giraffe

 {Shirt: Izod via Marshalls, similar here | Jeans: rich & skinny via Marshalls | Shoes: DV Dolce Vita | Purse and Necklace: Vintage}

My mom used to always call me a "long-legged giraffe" when I was a gawky girl (and still sometimes does) so when I saw these giraffe-print jeans by Rich&Skinny, I fell in love.  I'm all for patterned pants, but I hadn't ever seen giraffe print!  Paired with this almost denim colored shirt and magenta shoes, it was perfect for a little movie date.  I probably should have worn a belt but hey- I don't like to feel constricted while eating my movie candy.  So there. Humph.

It's almost turkey day!  I'm so excited to experiment with new recipes and relax with my family.  Yay for holidays!

Happy (day before Thanksgiving) day! xo

November 19, 2012


This is the first year I won't be spending Thanksgiving with my parents, so all of the cooking and decorating is left up to me!  Talk about intimidating.  My mother is a genius when it comes to holiday decor and somehow can turn my parents' home into a Thanksgiving haven with fall leaves and flowers oozing out of just the right amount of spaces.  So off I went in search of inspiration for a simple table setting for my small Thanksgiving with friends.  There are so many options and directions to go!  I think I'll focus more on the food this year than a big table decoration so I don't get overwhelmed my first year.  A table setting with a centerpiece of colorful and festive fruit is what I'm leaning towards so far.  I hope these themes inspire you too! xo

Happy Monday!

{Photos from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here}

November 15, 2012

These Choos were made for walkin'

 {Blazer: Banana Republic | Top: Mine via Marshalls similar here  | Necklace: F21 similar here | Purse: Arcadia via Marshalls | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Jimmy Choo}

I don't wear them often, for fear of getting a single scratch, but sometimes I just need to bust out my classic black pump Jimmy Choos.  They were a gift from my aunt for graduation to keep my toesies looking professional and comfortable.  Yes- I said comfortable, they are like slippers.  Pair them with my favorite jeans ever, Gap Always Skinny, and this is a perfectly perfect outfit for a day at work and drinks afterwards. Oh- and the comfy shoes don't hinder any silliness and the big bag lets me hide snacks. And I love snacks.  In fact, in these photos I believe there were KitKats, Sweetarts, and Reese's hidden in that baby... I'm on a bit of a sugar diet.  Oops.

Happy Thursday!  xo

November 13, 2012

Be Jeweled

{Marrin and I, she is wearing one of her newest creations. A definite statement piece - hearts!}

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to a fabulous event hosted by my adorable friend, Marrin Costello.  She has an amazing jewelry line, Marrin Costello Designs.  All of her pieces are beautiful, hand-made, and have great individuality.  In other words, I heart them.  No matter your style sense, she has something for you.

Since I work in a corporate setting, I generally try to find something trendy that won't cause a ruckus or a scoff with an older client. Her Dede II bracelet (seen on my wrist below) was so perfect.  It has small skulls and lava rock beads - I've been obsessed since I got it.   I also freaking LOVE her name on the metal label of each piece, don't know why- just do.

I am psyched that the weather in SoCal has finally been getting cooler... which means... sweater time! Los Angelenos (myself included) are so funny to observe in the winter.  Even when it is just barely under 65 degrees, we all bundle up in sweater, beanies, scarves, and boots.  Any excuse to bust out our "winter" gear.

 Happy Tuesday! xo

{Ms. Marrin Costello herself helping a friend try on a bracelet}

{Sweater: F21 Jeans: Paige Denim | Boots: Dolce Vita | Plaid Shirt: Target | Sunglasses: Oscar by Oscar de la Renta | Purse: Vintage | Bracelet: Marrin Costello Designs | Lipstick: Revlon Pink in the Afternoon}

November 9, 2012


 {Eyeshadow Palette for Green Eyes: NARS Trio in High Society}

{Eyeshadow Palette for Blue Eyes: Smashbox in Softbox II}

{Eyeshadow Palette for Brown Eyes: NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait}

DISCLAIMER: I drew these eyes myself and all of the color was done using my own makeup, which for future reference, is not conducive to turning yourself into the next Monet. It is also very difficult, as I learned in extreme frustration and multi-colored hands, to create eye makeup on a flat surface. So please take that into consideration. Also, the palette selections below each drawing is just a suggestion of a good product, I did not actually use those products on the eye. Thank ewe.

A lot of beauty brands have been putting out eyeshadow palettes based on eye color, which is amazing because putting the right color on your eyes will make them *pop*. My mom has taught me a lot in my short life, but one of the most useful tips has been learning what colors work for my skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Here is the break down:

The Key: Opposites attract. If you look at a color wheel that is detailed enough to include some sort of brownish color, you will find that the colors directly across (or opposite) from green are red and purple, the opposite of brown are blue hues and vice-versa. This are how to decipher what eyeshadow color will truly rock your eye. 

Green Eyes: Purples look great on girlies with green eyes. Depending on your skin tone and the intensity of the green in your eyes, you can wear anything from violet to plum to grape.

Hazel Eyes: Depending on whether your eye leans more towards brown or green, play up those key colors. With this super color flexibility, you can be more adventurous!

Blue Eyes: Browns, pinks, and oranges look spectacular with blue eyes. Although, I've always been so jealous of girls with blue eyes because almost all eyeshadow colors make them look like superstars. Lucky ladies!

Brown Eyes: Whether you have almond eyes or almost black eyes, blues and greens are generally da (yes, I said it). I absolutely love this NARS Andy Warhol palatte, it would make me feel like an artist doing my makeup every day!

Happy Friday everyone! xo

November 6, 2012

Let's vote!

{Top: F21, similar here | Skirt: Banana Republic, similar here and here | Shoes: Jessica Simpson, similar here | Pearls and brooch: My mama's, similar here and here | Suffrage Photos via  "A Woman's Right to Vote" TimePHOTOS}

Get out there and vote, people!  It's November 6 and our day to directly impact the way our country is run. It's amazing to think that less than a century ago, women couldn't even vote.  We have come so far and are so lucky to live in a country that embraces a system of freedom and choice.  So no matter what your views, make sure you get out there and embrace your right!

Ok- off my soapbox.  My mom gave me her beloved american flag brooch and strand of baby freshwater pearls on the day I was sworn in to practice law in California.  Yeah- it was a bit emotional.  Since I vote via absentee ballot and don't get an "I voted!" sticker, I am definitely wearing this pin today to show that I voted in my own way! xo

Happy vote day!