October 25, 2012

When grown-ups play dress up

 {a rainbow, a pot of gold, and a leprechaun, we won many a costume contest with this one!

Halloween is almost here! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love love love to make my own costumes. Not to get too personal (sorry guys!), but here are some photos my boyfriend's and my Halloween costumes the past few years. No matter what you Halloween preferences - store bought, home-made, glittery fairy, or gore galore - I hope you love what you wear and rock it.

Sorry for the poor quality of some of the photos, they were all taken with a regular point-and-shoot.

{"What are we gonna do tonight, Brain?"
"Same thing we do every night Pinky, we are going to take over the WORLD"
Pinky and the Brain
 {Bowzer and Princess Peach (the only costume I didn't make)}
{R2-D2 and an AT-ST Walker, nerd alert!}


  1. I think my favorite one is the rainbow costume!

  2. Do you have instructions on how you made the Pinky and The Brain Ears? My fiancé and I want to be them for Halloween this year.

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  4. Your costumes are amazing! Any chance you will post instructions for Pinky and the Brain!? LOVE IT. Want to do something similar!! Thanks :)