October 2, 2012


This fall brings us a lot of different and exciting trends for accessories, including menswear inspired, studs, gems and jewels, velvet, zippers, and tweed. These are a few of my favorite styles to look forward to, and I just spent the past few hours trying to find wallet friendly versions of my most desired shoes! Although, with the Sam Edelman Dara Riding boots being around $300, they may be a splurge item that is actually plausible (I heart them!).

One thing that is for sure this season, go big or go home. These styles are some of the more muted versions of what the designers have brought us, but they are more versatile and will be on point even after this season's trends start to fade. If you a bold fashionista (and let's be honest, we all have a little diva inside us), you need to have at least one crazy, loud, flamboyant accessory- be it a huge studded bag, some out of this world shoes, metallic leather leggings, or velvet gloves- let your personality shine through something a little avant garde!

Happy Tuesday! 

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