October 23, 2012

Fall "To Dos"

 {Photo courtesy of Jay Sharron

Yes, I am fully aware that this is a post that everyone does, but I think it's interesting to see everyone's different goals for fall. With the weather in Southern California FINALLY changing, I'm FINALLY inspired to create my own "Fall Must Do List." It's not something I have really done before, but it got me excited about things I would have overlooked, so if you are bored one day, you should make your own list too!

My List:
  1. Write down and learn my family's Thanksgiving recipes
  2. Organize my insanely overstocked costume box (I was in a sorority in college, we had a lot of themed parties)
  3. Make some kind of pumpkin flavored goodness
  4. Exercise? (This has been a "to-do" for a very long time, so I figured if you all saw it too... I would feel more obligated. Doubtful.) 
  5.  Call my grandparents more
  6.  Create a unique Thanksgiving appetizer, rather than (or rather, in addition to!) my family's traditional cheese plate, baked brie, deviled eggs, and shrimp cocktail
  7. Go on a date with my boyfriend to a new, hole-in-the-wall type place that might become our new fav
  8. Check off at least 3 of the movies on my boyfriend's "I can't believe you haven't seen that" movie list
  9. Attempt to make a sugar-free pie for my dad
  10.  Have a game night
These "goals" may not be groundbreaking, but I promise you they will lead to a fun fall! (Minus #4, obviously.) 

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  1. I love reading other blogger 'goal lists'. I think it's entertaining to compare.

    I HEAR YOU on #2- not to mention James has an ABSURD costume box as well- so it's totally taken over an entire closet in our house. also love your #7 idea!