September 28, 2012

Why so blue?

 {Jeans: Canyon River Blues (similar here) | Jacket: Fenn Wright Manson | Tee: Frenchi (available at Nordstroms) | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here) | Scarf: Vintage (similar here) | Purse: Vintage (similar here)}

I know it's been a few days since my last post, sorry guys! Sometimes life just goes by too fast! The weather here in Southern California is still being stubbornly warm and refusing to take the turn into fall, but I am still incorporating fall items into my wardrobe. I can't help it! I raided my mom's closet the last time I went home and "borrowed" a few more of her perfect purses and clutches. I really like the bright color of this blue clutch and was so excited to match it with my blue Stevies. I also found this scarf a while ago and fell in love with the watercolor pattern of flowers. 

Whenever I don't want to try that hard but still look put together, colorful items with a simple base always does the trick for me. So go out and grab up those statement pieces and make getting dressed in the morning a heck of a lot easier! xo

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! 

 The scarf is so silky soft, I had to goof around a little bit ;) 


  1. love that scarf...your photos at the end there are too cute!

  2. Love the scarf! Love you! Keep it up!