September 20, 2012

What to wear...

 {jersey: UCLA store | yellow skinny jeans: h&m | studded high-tops: ASOS | bow headband: ASOS | blue polish: essie coat azure | yellow polish: essie action | yellow bracelet: good work(s) I am happy | blue bracelet: oliver bonas | bag: jamesandjames}

It's football season! I love football (not to the extent that I am on a fantasy football team and can name players like they are ice cream flavors) and get so excited to go to games during the season. College games are my favorite because I feel like people get a little bit more intense and it brings back so many memories. I'm a full on UCLA Bruin (insert 8-clap here) and Charger fan, which is perfect since both teams are blue and yellow! 

In theory I always try and plan an outfit like the one above: cute, girly, yet appropriate for a rowdy game. But in actuality I end up looking like a crazy fan (see below). Oh well! By the way- that is my brother wearing his favorite possession (his Charger Lucha Libre mask) and me with my UCLA/Charger boa. Oh yeah. 

ps- I really love those studded high tops for everyday wear. They are so spicy, I think I need them.

Happy Friday! Be free dreamers! The work week is over!

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