September 14, 2012

Vintage Future

I finally had time to go through all of the NYFW runway show photos and collections and I was so excited to see that many designers are being inspired by vintage 1950's designs. The style and cuts of that era fit most body types and make all women look feminine and subtly sexy. I cannot wait to see these designs filter down to retail stores for us non-designer affording ladies.

Kate Spade and alice+olivia focused on the more casual, daytime styles of the 50's whereas Oscar de la Renta beautifully conquered evening and formal attire. The colors, the lines, and the incorporation of modern trends definitely made these some of my favorite looks of NYFW.

(Yes, I know there are four Oscar de la Renta dresses... I couldn't pick just two!)

Happy Friday, friends - have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Alice + Olivia and Kate Spade are just too cute! And OMG the last navy dress is so glamour!!!


  2. 'for us non-designer affording ladies' don't say it out loud! That's depressing me... Love that collection of Kate Spade. Don't you think that Oscar's collection looks cheap?

    1. haha, maybe someday! Although, I think a true fashionista is someone that knows how to dress and how to select items that aren't as expensive, but make you look like you are wearing something straight of the runway. That is where one's true creativity and ingenuity shine! :) And for the most part, I love Oscar's collection! xo

    2. I think one of the best things about your blog is that you include pieces from Marshalls! It's how most of us live, I think :)