September 24, 2012

Oh Schnitzel, My Schnitzel

One of my favorite meals  as a kid was my Omi's (grandma) Wienerschitzel.  Yum!  My mom finally made some with me so that I could learn the recipe and I was so excited.  Wienerschnitzel is so moist and crisp and a zest of lemon juice squeezed on top perfectly compliments the dish.  It is often served in Germany with cranberry chutney and either french fries or roasted potatoes.  Also, it is traditionally made with veal, but I prefer boneless pork chops.

Omi's 'Schnitzel:

- boneless pork chops (as many as you would like, but it they are great for sandwiches the next day, so make extra!)
- lemon pepper
- flour
- around 4 eggs, more if needed depending on how many schniztels you make
- regular breadcrumbs
- canola oil
- lemons

The prep of these is the most time consuming, but the actual cooking is really easy.

1. To prep, season the pork chops with lemon pepper on both sides.  Then take a meat mallet and hammer the pork until it is very thin, to about 1/4-1/8 in thickness.  Be careful around the edges, as=they will burn while cooking if pounded too thin.

2. Set out 3 large bowls or cookie trays.  Put flour in one, the eggs in one, and breadcrumbs mixed with a little flour in the last.  The eggs should be an egg wash, so just wisk them until the yolks and whites are completely combined.  The flour mixed with the breadcrumbs gives the schnitzel a prettier color and prevents burning of the crumbs.

3. Take each chop individually and put it first in the flour, cover completely on both sides.  Next to the egg wash, make sure the entire chop gets covered.  Finally, dip the chop in the breadcrumb mixture and push the crumbs in to make sure they stick on both sides.  The chop should be a little heavy and be completely covered in a layer of breadcrumbs when done.  No bare meat should be visible.

4. Finally, pour the canola oil into a large, somewhat deep pan (about 1 1/2 in of oil) and heat until it is around 320 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you don't have a sugar thermometer then test the temperature of the oil by tossing a small piece of a chop in and see that it sizzles, but doesn't pop, and turns a nice golden brown.  Cook each chop in the oil until it floats in the oil, should be around 3 minutes.

Serve with slices of lemon for flavor! Enjoy! xo

Happy Monday!

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