September 28, 2012

Why so blue?

 {Jeans: Canyon River Blues (similar here) | Jacket: Fenn Wright Manson | Tee: Frenchi (available at Nordstroms) | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here) | Scarf: Vintage (similar here) | Purse: Vintage (similar here)}

I know it's been a few days since my last post, sorry guys! Sometimes life just goes by too fast! The weather here in Southern California is still being stubbornly warm and refusing to take the turn into fall, but I am still incorporating fall items into my wardrobe. I can't help it! I raided my mom's closet the last time I went home and "borrowed" a few more of her perfect purses and clutches. I really like the bright color of this blue clutch and was so excited to match it with my blue Stevies. I also found this scarf a while ago and fell in love with the watercolor pattern of flowers. 

Whenever I don't want to try that hard but still look put together, colorful items with a simple base always does the trick for me. So go out and grab up those statement pieces and make getting dressed in the morning a heck of a lot easier! xo

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! 

September 24, 2012

Oh Schnitzel, My Schnitzel

One of my favorite meals  as a kid was my Omi's (grandma) Wienerschitzel.  Yum!  My mom finally made some with me so that I could learn the recipe and I was so excited.  Wienerschnitzel is so moist and crisp and a zest of lemon juice squeezed on top perfectly compliments the dish.  It is often served in Germany with cranberry chutney and either french fries or roasted potatoes.  Also, it is traditionally made with veal, but I prefer boneless pork chops.

Omi's 'Schnitzel:

- boneless pork chops (as many as you would like, but it they are great for sandwiches the next day, so make extra!)
- lemon pepper
- flour
- around 4 eggs, more if needed depending on how many schniztels you make
- regular breadcrumbs
- canola oil
- lemons

The prep of these is the most time consuming, but the actual cooking is really easy.

1. To prep, season the pork chops with lemon pepper on both sides.  Then take a meat mallet and hammer the pork until it is very thin, to about 1/4-1/8 in thickness.  Be careful around the edges, as=they will burn while cooking if pounded too thin.

2. Set out 3 large bowls or cookie trays.  Put flour in one, the eggs in one, and breadcrumbs mixed with a little flour in the last.  The eggs should be an egg wash, so just wisk them until the yolks and whites are completely combined.  The flour mixed with the breadcrumbs gives the schnitzel a prettier color and prevents burning of the crumbs.

3. Take each chop individually and put it first in the flour, cover completely on both sides.  Next to the egg wash, make sure the entire chop gets covered.  Finally, dip the chop in the breadcrumb mixture and push the crumbs in to make sure they stick on both sides.  The chop should be a little heavy and be completely covered in a layer of breadcrumbs when done.  No bare meat should be visible.

4. Finally, pour the canola oil into a large, somewhat deep pan (about 1 1/2 in of oil) and heat until it is around 320 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you don't have a sugar thermometer then test the temperature of the oil by tossing a small piece of a chop in and see that it sizzles, but doesn't pop, and turns a nice golden brown.  Cook each chop in the oil until it floats in the oil, should be around 3 minutes.

Serve with slices of lemon for flavor! Enjoy! xo

Happy Monday!

September 20, 2012

What to wear...

 {jersey: UCLA store | yellow skinny jeans: h&m | studded high-tops: ASOS | bow headband: ASOS | blue polish: essie coat azure | yellow polish: essie action | yellow bracelet: good work(s) I am happy | blue bracelet: oliver bonas | bag: jamesandjames}

It's football season! I love football (not to the extent that I am on a fantasy football team and can name players like they are ice cream flavors) and get so excited to go to games during the season. College games are my favorite because I feel like people get a little bit more intense and it brings back so many memories. I'm a full on UCLA Bruin (insert 8-clap here) and Charger fan, which is perfect since both teams are blue and yellow! 

In theory I always try and plan an outfit like the one above: cute, girly, yet appropriate for a rowdy game. But in actuality I end up looking like a crazy fan (see below). Oh well! By the way- that is my brother wearing his favorite possession (his Charger Lucha Libre mask) and me with my UCLA/Charger boa. Oh yeah. 

ps- I really love those studded high tops for everyday wear. They are so spicy, I think I need them.

Happy Friday! Be free dreamers! The work week is over!

September 19, 2012

New Domain Name!

I am very excited to announce that is now live! Thank you for all of your support and I hope you like the new updated design! Live dreamerly xo

September 18, 2012

Sunset 70s

 {Lace top and undershirt: Forever21(similar here) | Shorts: Urban Outfitters, last season (similar here) | Shoes: Vagabond via}

I went out with some friends this weekend back home in San Diego and couldn't believe how gorgeous this sunset was. It even matched my shoes! Some of the amazing things about the humid weather we have been having in Southern California are the beautiful daytime clouds and evening skies that come with it. Working all day and driving home just before sunset leaves me seeing very few, so when I actually have time to enjoy a sunset, I try and savor it and think about how lucky we are to experience such stunning colors.

I purchased these shoes last week through a Solestruck sale I posted on my Facebook page. These shoes reminded me so much of a pair of matching red and blue suede platforms my parents had in the 70s (oh yes, I have seen them and used to wear my mom's when my feet were small enough!)... so I just had to get them. I wore my new hot pink and orange booties with and all black outfit because I wanted the focus to be on them, and the bright colors also leave few color choices that won't end up making you look like a Pantone packet.

Happy humpday! xo

September 17, 2012

Pickle Perfect

I don't know about you, but I love pickles. Probably too much. To the point where I normally give myself a stomach ache from eating have a jar in one sitting (oops!). Sooooo... I was craving pickles the other day and figured I'd try and make my own. They turned out delicious! I can't wait to try different flavor combinations to make them sweeter, saltier, etc. These concoctions might be my new go to for gifts! This attempt turned out semi-sweet with a hefty kick of spice at the end, so if you don't like spice, adjust accordingly.

I worked off of a recipe I found on a Farmgirl's dabbles, but really only used that to get familiar with how to make refrigerator pickles. My pickle formula was: 

Sweet n' Spicy Pickles
- 1 cucumber
- 1/6 of a white onion
- 1/4 green pepper (seeds removed)
-  1/2 jalapeno (seeds removed)
- 1 clove raw garlic
- 1 tbsp. kosher salt (I didn't have pickling salt, but kosher salt can be used in its place, it just takes longer to dissolve)
- 1 tsp. black pepper (more to taste)
- 1 tsp. crushed red pepper
- 1 sprig fresh rosemary
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 cup white balsamic vinegar

Combine all ingredients except the vinegar and sugar in a separate bowl and set aside for about an hour. Bring sugar and vinegar to a rolling boil in a saucepan and pour over the other ingredients. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 2 days. And viola! Pickles!

September 14, 2012

Vintage Future

I finally had time to go through all of the NYFW runway show photos and collections and I was so excited to see that many designers are being inspired by vintage 1950's designs. The style and cuts of that era fit most body types and make all women look feminine and subtly sexy. I cannot wait to see these designs filter down to retail stores for us non-designer affording ladies.

Kate Spade and alice+olivia focused on the more casual, daytime styles of the 50's whereas Oscar de la Renta beautifully conquered evening and formal attire. The colors, the lines, and the incorporation of modern trends definitely made these some of my favorite looks of NYFW.

(Yes, I know there are four Oscar de la Renta dresses... I couldn't pick just two!)

Happy Friday, friends - have a great weekend! xo

{All Images via}

September 12, 2012

The News

 {T-Shirt: Huey Lewis Concert Tee | Button Down: Xhilaration a la Target | Shorts: First Kiss a la Marshalls| Boots: Report (similar here| Side Bag: Nine West (a few years ago- similar here) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban}

So...I love Huey Lewis and the News! As does my boyfriend, whom I took to a Huey Lewis concert this past July for his birthday and we both got matching shirts (yes, I know... that couple). We try and not wear them on the same days. This weekend was a ponytail and casual weekend, which are sometimes the best. These Report boots are one of my favorite pairs in my closet. They are so comfortable and were my sightseeing shoes when I went to Europe last fall.

 Happy humpday! xo

September 9, 2012

Sunday Traditions

Once football starts, my boyfriend and I have a bit of a Sunday tradition... breakfast sammies! They are so perfectly delicious and comforting for a Sunday brunch at home. We like to mix it up between bacon and sausage and types of cheeses. We found this Vermont White Cheddar at the store and knew it would be the perfect addition to our breakfast deliciousness. The store didn't have any avocados (I know, ... what!?) so I had to use some leftover guacamole and you can have a breakfast sandwich without some tapatio!

Mmmm... can't wait until next Sunday! Happy Monday everyone! xo

September 5, 2012

Menswear... Sort of.

 {Pants: Fire | Shirt: Frenchi | Sweater: H.I.P | Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (last season) | Scarf: Vintage | Hat: F21 | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer}

The weather today was rainy and slightly humid, so I opted for a hat to cover up the frizz and boots to keep my footsies dry! I just got these pants this weekend at Nordstroms Rack and absolutely LOVE them! I love menswear and these are a perfect style for us ladies. 


September 4, 2012


 {Jeans: Indigo Rein | Sweater: Poof | Top: F21 | Necklace: Vintage | Shoes: Oh...Deer!}

 I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day! I went home for the long weekend and just relaxed with my family, it was truly perfect. Sometimes a trip out of the big city is a great way to de-stress and re-fuel. It was way too freaking hot though, but whenever I go indoors I am FREEZING cold from the air conditioning- which is why I am all bundled in a sweater and jeans here.

These shoes are one of my favorite pairs in my closet. I always went on a shopping hiatus for finals during law school so I could focus on studying, and just wanted to reward myself once I was done. I was craving crazy shoes- either a bright color or a fun design. After a day of searching, I couldn't find ANYTHING I liked until I walked by these shoes and immediately fell in love. Gold and orange pumps? Yes please!!

xoxo Happy Tuesday!