July 25, 2012

Sandal Mania

{ 1. Givenchy | 2. Ugg | 3. Calvin Klein | 4. DV by Dolce Vita | 5. MIA | 6. Michael Antonio | 7. Gabriella Rocha | 8. Clarks | 9. Steve Madden }

Even though I have a closet full of shoes (I have a problem), I seem to never have any summer sandals. Then there is always the problem of having varying heel heights for different outings. These sandals all caught my eye. It's great to have classic black and nude sandals, but with bright colors being this summer's go to fashion, your tootsies are a great way to make a statement. I'll be honest, the Givenchy, Dolce Vita, and Michael Antonio shoes are my favorite... ok maybe not, gah! I can't decide! I want them ALL!

Happy Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend!

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