May 10, 2012


 {Inspiration Photo, Hat Shorts Necklace F21, Tee Frenchi, Shirt Target, Shoes BCBG, Purse Vintage Coach, Fashion Photo: Jay Sharron}

I found this photo while skimming Tumblr and was immediately inspired to find something in my closet. The weather here in Hollywood has been warm and sunny, so what better way to celebrate the transition into summer than with sunflowers? Also, any excuse to wear my mom's vintage coach purse is fine by me.

The beautiful weather is making it harder and harder to sit in my office all day under fluorescent lights, and I know my friends are feeling the same way. I make sure to keep the blinds up and even change my desktop photo to a feel goo photo (like a sunflower perhaps?). 

Do you have any photos that inspire you or change your mood? If so, let me see them! :) 

Happy Thursday!

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