May 2, 2012

Organized Clutter

 {Image courtesy of SAS Interiors}
 {All books available at Barnes and Noble}

The coffee table ends up being the center focus on the room and can completely define the look of a home. I use my coffee table as a dining table, foot rest, storage shelf, and catch all... so needless to say something needs to change. I love a gorgeous and eye-catching coffee table display that is both functional and beautiful. After looking at countless photos for inspiration, I have come to conclude that there is a basic formula to creating a unique design that can work for anyone:

  • Height. Including something tall on your table makes it multidimensional and interesting. Just make sure it's not so tall that it blocks your view!
  • Conversation Piece. One (or two) items that are truly unique and quirky help set the tone of the room and show off the designer's (aka YOUR) personality. 
  • Nature. Flowers, plants, and succulents all add an organic element to the atmosphere. Just be careful of plants and pets (hence why I could never have flowers, my cat would devour the poor things). 
  • Books. They don't call them 'coffee table' books for nothing! It's always nice to have something available for guests to look at and, like the conversation piece, books allow you to incorporate your own personality into the design. Photography, fashion, food, your own photobook of memories- it doesn't matter!

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