June 11, 2013

Denim and Lace

 {Dress: Monteau Los Angeles via Marshalls (also seen here) | Shoes: Steve Madden, old (similar here) | Vest: Forever 21} 

Hi Dreamers!  This weekend it was hot and beautiful in sunny SoCal and it was time to wear a dress without a "just in case" sweater.  Yay!  I picked up this jean vest last week at F21 and it's one of my new favorite pieces. I love the cut, the color and the feel.  It's not too "jean vest-y" and isn't too bulky.  Forever comes through again! 

May 28, 2013

Green stones

 {Dress: Amercian Rag Cie (similar here) | Shoes: Seychelles (similar here) | Necklace and Purse: Vintage}

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! The weather has been wonderful here in lovely SoCal and this weekend was perfectly relaxing.  Went to a graduation/bbq/pool party on Saturday and Sunday then spent Monday completely enjoying a day to myself in my apartment.  I was so excited to wear this necklace because it my mom's from the 80s - and she got it in Brazil.  Love it!  

Happy 4 day week everyone! xo

May 22, 2013

black + white

 {Dress: Target (on sale a few weeks ago, but no longer online) | Jacket: Willow + Clay via Marshalls (also seen here) | Shoes: Nine West | Purse: Vintage (also seen here)

Holy smokes.  Over a week since my last post!  My apologies, dreamers, I can't believe time slipped away like that!  No excuses...

ANYWHO - I opted to make life a little fun with this polka dot dress and my new booties (currently ON SALE by the way, always a good thing).  I've been looking for nicely priced black ankle boots for a while and was instantly drawn to the shape of these Nine West boots.  I'm usually not a huge fan of open toe booties ( I mean, if you are wearing boots, why have your toes exposed?? Kind of the same theory behind Ugg boots and jean skirts), but these peep toes are totes adorbs.  Totes.  

Polka Dot Trivia:  Polka Dots are SO popular that DC Comics created a "Mr. Polka-Dot" villain for Batman.  The polka dots on his villain costume could each be used as different weapons.  How... intimidating? 

Happy Wednesday! xo 

May 9, 2013

Summer is coming...

{Julianne Hough | Kate Middleton | Stacy Keibler | Eliza Dushku | Jessica Biel}

Sorry Starks of Winterfell- it's Summer that is coming! With bikini and mini skirt season well on its way, it's time to sweat and get into shape!  I tried a new work out class with my bestie today and holy kowabunga! I believe the words she used were "you looked like human jello" because my legs were shaking so uncontrollably from the stress of exertion.  I bet Mrs. Timberlake doesn't have that problem. 

These lovely ladies work their booties off to get their movie star looks, and these bodies are definitely my body inspiration.  Julianne Hough has a wonderfully toned and proportionate dancer's body, Stacy Keibler has legs and abs to die for, Eliza Dushku is all tough girl sexy, Jessica Biel's got that booty that won't quit, and Kate Middleton is pretty much perfect in every way.  

Ok, time to think fit! Happy Thursday, dreamers!  xo

May 7, 2013

Yo Mama (may want some of this)

I love my mama more than anything, but shopping for her?... miserable.  She never buys anything for herself and always insists on no gifts.  I refuse to accept that!  I have to get her gifts for Mother's Day that she secretly wants but won't buy for herself.  So if you hit a wall when trying to figure out what to get that wonderful lady you call "Mom," here are my ideas for this year -- all without breaking the bank, mind you. 

1) Thyme and olive leaf candle - candle lit bubble baths are a weekly tradition for my mom, so a unique smelling candle would definitely make her smile. 

2) Scarf sweater - something so basic and necessary is one of those must-have items that my mom wouldn't buy for herself.  I have a few of them in different lengths and wear them all. the. time. 

3) Iron cast garlic roaster - garlic? yum.  roasted? yum.  super cutely shaped pan specifically designed for the ONE purpose of roasting garlic?  AWESOME.  Very superfluous but oh so fun. 

4) Sodastream soda maker - my grandmother is from Europe so seltzer water has been my mom's preference to still water since she was a little girl.  She goes through club soda like crazy.  I purchased a Sodastream for my boyfriend 2 years ago and it is amazing! 

5) Les Miserables - this is my favorite musical and my love for it started from my mom listening to the Broadway soundtrack while cleaning the house when I was a little girl.  She hasn't seen the new movie yet (which is amazing by the by) and I know she would love this!  

What are your Mother's Day gift ideas?  I'd love to hear! 

xo Happy Tuesday! xo

April 30, 2013

Subtle Sequins

 {Jacket: Chloe K via Nordstroms Rack similar here | Tank Tops: Express and Target | Necklaces: F21 and Vintage | Hair Flower: F21 | Jeans: Gap | Boots: Report similar here}

This week has been a little stressful with an office move and keeping up with my substantive work, and it's only Monday!  Happy outfit to the rescue.  Phew.  When I first picked up this floral sequined (yes, they are sequins!) blazer at the store, my boyfriend gave me a look that definitely should have been Instagrammed.  Flowers + Sequins + Blazer = what the what are you thinking?!  I couldn't help it, I kind of fell in love with it and added it to my ever growing closet.  Yay!

Happy Tuesday! xo Best of the best to you all this week! 

April 23, 2013

Blogiversarry! (and flowers)

 {Dress: Nine West, via Marshalls | Jacket: Banana Republic, also seen here | Shoes: Dolve Vita, also seen here}

Happy Anniversary!  I can't believe I started this bloggy adventure a year ago.  Time has flown by and I have grown so much.  Looking back at the beginning posts, I was searching to find my voice and style and still have so much to learn in the coming years.  Thank you for taking this journey with me and I appreciate each and every one of you! xo